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I hope everyone is doing alright. Sorry I haven't really been around. Feel free to message me, anytime, if you need help with anything.


The Obama family does this!

Did you know this??? I didn't until I heard it on MSNBC today.

Sasha thinks Daddy has a job that is full of thorns. She just may be right!

So, My roses and thorns

the economy stinks.
Dave is taking a week each month on layoff.
Unemployment is not nearly what he made at work.
A plane crashed in Amsterdam today.
My uncle died of brain/lung cancer on Saturday.

Most of the passengers on that plane survived.
I raise rabbits. The bunnies born three weeks ago from the two New Zealands are full of sass and cuteness.
My son is happy with his girlfriend.
I have found several people from school online and have been in touch.
Got a raise this month. Nick and I both did.
Tho Dave is on layoff one week a month, at least he is getting unemployment for it!
My uncle is no longer suffering in pain.
My son is so CUTE!

Jul. 31st, 2008

Thorn: Because I got more hours, I am the only one in the family who cannot attend the family reunion on Sunday, and of course family will not reschedule.
Thorn: Nobody at work can work for me yet whenever they call in or want a day off, I am always available

Rose: Because of my awesome numbers last week I got more hours at work.

Ironic thing is last night my manager asked me if I could work Sunday. I told him, "Yes, there's nothing I'm doing on Sunday." And then today brother-in-law called and told us about the reunion. Go figure.

So far...

Rose: Emma Susan and her mommy (Jen) are coming up on Saturday! Yippeeee!! Getta see my lil one again!

Thorn: Gotta wait til Saturday!

Rose: got a lot of painting done this week.

Thorn: My hands hurt bad!

Rose: Dave was off all last week with me:o) We got a lot done!

Thorn: Dave was off all last week with me:o| We got a lot done. I'm tarred!
Thorn:  They messed up Dad's procedure!

Rose:  Phoned the hospital and spoke wih dad tonight. Sounds quite chipper.
             Family dinner tomorrow, altho without Dad. I haven't seen my sister in 2 years. Time to cheer up mum.
Thorn: Not knowing how things went with Dad's angiogram. Mum said she'd ring. Maybe later.

Rose: It's Friday.


thorn: I just finished working day 5 out of 6 in a row. My legs are killing me from standing so much and I'm not over it being extremely busy for most of it.

rose: I have Tuesday and Wednesday off.

this weekend

thorn: long work hours.

rose: had an amazing night on the fourth and realized this really is where i'm supposed to be...
Thorn : my parents are annoying me again regarding braid's maid shoes I'm not prepared to phone every New Look Store looking for flat gold pumps

Rose: I'm looking forward to camp in three weeks yah :)

Jul. 5th, 2008

Thorn of the week: Monday morning

Rose of the week: Friday night.

Thorn: upset tummy

Rose: got some stuff done today before said tummy ache hit me.
Thorn: One of our little old ladies died today. She was 92. What a sweetie.

Rose: After 3 miscarriages, one of our patients finally delivered a healthy baby into the world. A girl.

Jun. 30th, 2008

Thorn: Mouth is killing me from having major dental work done

Rose: Now have a pretty smile

Jun. 30th, 2008

Thorn: Dave is sick with tummy stuff.
Thorn: Rain=wet

Rose: Dave is home with me.
Rose: Rain=growth
Thorn: Debs' work cancelled due to rain. No rain fell anywhere near the work site. Puzzled.

Rose: Monday is over. Home early.
Thorn: Its Sunday evening. The end of another weekend.

Rose: Had my belated birthday lunch with mum & dad today.



Thorn: Feeling stretched to breaking point and feeling like there was no one to support me.
Thorn: Getting utterly tied up in terror over sending letters off to ask for jobs next year.
Thorn: Getting truly, utterly jealous of all the attention that always goes to my sister, all. the. damn. time.

Rose: Remembering I could print off DV and rediscovering the joys of reading in bed
Rose: Finally getting all the letters I needed to sent out sent out
Rose: Being loved, I guess...


thorn: still not knowing if i have my july 4th shift covered...

rose: laughing with jason at work today.
rose: amazing week ahead of me!

Today, again ;)

Thorn: Backbreaking labour in trying to return my books to school
Thorn: Having a hard time then finding teachers to return them to.
Thorn: Godawful weather with evil evil rain.

Rose: Getting to see Dave and my Form Tutor and have a chat
Rose: Having a good game of D&D when I got home.

HI! Newbie here.

Thorn: My boy is gone for the summer

Rose: I have dpthomas all to myself!
Thorn: Screaming child having immunisations at the medical centre. High pitched "fingernail on the black board screech"!

Rose: An elderly patient gave me a hand carved wooden bowl he made. It's beautiful.

Jun. 25th, 2008

thorn: my knee giving out on me on multiple occasions today. (like right when i got out of bed this morning)

rose: working with my coworkers who know how to turn a boring night into something fun. :)


Thorn: Samaritans shift with nothing but bad calls.
Rose: Nice lunch with mum where some arrangements for Berlin were sorted out :)


Thorn: The drive to/from ann arbor for the third and fourth time in three days.

Rose: Spending the entire day at cedar point with my love, my sister, and colleen!
Thorn: It being the fifth day with no contact from tyraime. Fifth day of fear and worry and upset.
Thorn: Learning that he's been away not because of internet troubles, but because he's avoiding me on purpose.
Thorn: Being mistaken for a prostitute during my walk earlier. I should be able to wear a short red dress without men wondering how much I cost. I am not a whore, damn it.

Rose: Being surprised by my sister during my walk, and us stopping for an ice cream together.
Rose: Having a fairly productive day, I cleaned the house spotless and did all the laundry.
Rose: Doing fantastically at driving, and becoming more accustomed to driving my sister's car instead of my van, because I'll have to take her car out for my road test, so I need to practice on it more.